Our Approach:

Research-Based, Proactive, Transformative

At PilotLight Resilience Resources, we seek to transform the lives of individuals and the culture of organizations through research-based interventions that develop resilient mindsets, behaviors, and skills. While everyone can benefit from these approaches, we provide training as preparation, not treatment. In this way, behaviors and ways of thinking that can interfere with resilience do not have the opportunity to take hold and become ingrained. Thus, our name.

  • Pilot Light = a small, steady source of energy that serves to spark a larger, more powerful source of energy.

  • Resilience = the capacity to respond in healthy and productive ways when faced with setbacks, adversity, and trauma.

  • Resources = actions, strategies, information, research, and other assets that allow us to function more effectively.

PilotLight Resilience Resources is your small, steady source of energy, instruction, and inspiration to empower you and your organization to achieve greater resilience, and, as a result, function more effectively in all aspects of your work and life.

Our training is based on the approach and research outlined in the SpringerBriefs in Fire e-book Resilience Training for Firefighters: An Approach to Prevent Behavioral Health Problems by PilotLight Resilience Resources Principal Karen F. Deppa, MAPP, and Judith Saltzberg, Ph.D.

Click on the image above to buy the book!

The e-book can be purchased, either in electronic form or as a printed paperback book, at the link above. The authors do not receive royalties from the sale of the book. Students of our Respond with Resilience™ class will receive a paperback copy as part of the student materials.

Note: This e-book is an expanded, more robust version of Karen Deppa's capstone thesis from the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania. You can download the capstone, "Resilience Training for Firefighters: A Proposed Approach," for free from UPenn's Scholarly Commons at this link.