Respond with Resilience™:

Timely Interventions to Promote Behavioral Health and Wellness

PilotLight Resilience Resources is proud to present a class in resilience skills called Respond with Resilience™ Psychological Wellness for Emergency Services First Responders.

Respond with Resilience™ is available as an 8-hour in-person class OR a virtual class of 3 three-hour sessions (total 9 hours). We can work with you and your team to choose the most effective and cost-effective delivery.

Intervening with a toolbox of resilience skills before behavioral health problems take hold can result in a psychologically stronger organization that avoids costly and time-consuming treatments, burnout, and attrition. It is the smartest investment you can make in your people.

While primarily directed to Peer Support Team members of fire-rescue departments and other emergency response organizations, the class can help any emergency responders to proactively prevent behavioral health problems as part of their own self-care, and in supporting the behavioral health and wellness of their colleagues.

The class is based on the research presented in the SpringerBriefs in Fire e-book, Resilience Training for Firefighters: An Approach to Prevent Behavioral Health Problems, authored by PilotLight Resilience Resources Principal Karen F. Deppa, MAPP, and Judith Salzberg, Ph.D.

Note: The book is included in the student materials for individuals who take the Respond with Resilience™ class.

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“Only class I’ve taken that gives me practical skills and tools I can use everyday.”

– Ben Vernon, Captain/Paramedic, San Diego City Fire Department, San Diego, California

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Our Approach

At PilotLight Resilience Resources, we apply the science, research, and methods of positive psychology to help develop and improve resilience in emergency response organizations with interventions to help their members build psychological resources, cultivate mental toughness and flexibility, and proactively prevent behavioral health problems.

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Respond with Resilience™

A proactive, prevention-oriented, research-based resilience training class directed primarily to Peer Support Team members of emergency response organizations. The class provides a toolbox of interventions to help shield emergency responders from the negative effects of stressful incidents and situations while developing mental toughness and supporting overall well-being in all facets of the responder’s life. Contact us for more info.

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About Us

PilotLight Resilience Resources is a collaboration between two professionals experienced in working with the fire and emergency medical services: Karen Fernicola Deppa, MAPP, and Michael A. Donahue, Ph.D., CFPS.

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